How to write business mail in Japanese


What kind of words do you use when you send e-mails to your supervisor or client in Japanese? It’s rarely that business mail starts with “Hello” in Japan. We’ll teach you the how to write a typical Japanese business mail with some examples.

At the beginning -冒頭-

If you send e-mail to your supervisor, just start writing with “お疲れ様ですotsukaresamadesu“. You can use this word day and night. “お疲れ様ですotsukaresamadesu” means “Thank you for the hard work”, but it is used as mere greeting.
If you send e-mail to your client, you should write “お世話になっておりますosewaninatteorimasu” at the beginning. This word means “Thank you for your continued business”. Japanese business person often says “お世話になっておりますosewaninatteorimasu“, even to clients they haven’t met in a while.

○○[Your SV]さん-san

マーケティング部の田中ですThis is Tanaka from the marketing department.

△△[Your Client’s Company Name]
○○[Your Client]-sama

サンプル株式会社の田中ですThis is Tanaka from Sample Inc.

Conference Setting -会議の設定-

When you ask your supervisor or client to adjust the meeting schedule, you need to specify the contents of the meeting, how long it will take, and some candidate dates.

新商品の開発に関して打ち合わせをさせていただきたくI’d like to have a MTG about the new product,
1時間ほどお時間をいただけますと幸いですand I’d appreciate it if you could give me about 1 hour.

つきましては、以下候補日よりご都合の良い日程をご提示いただけますでしょうかTherefore, would it be possible for you to suggest a date that is convenient for you from the following candidate date below?

4月1日April 1(月Mon) 10:00~11:00
4月2日April 2(Tue) 14:00〜15:00
4月3日April 3(Wed) 10:00〜11:00

Material Sharing -資料の共有-

When you attach a file to e-mail, you should write down what you attached.

本日の会議資料を添付いたしましたので、ご確認くださいI have attached today’s MTG materials to this email, so please check them.

Closing -締め-

The last line of business mail should be with your name. If it’s a mail to your supervisor, you should write your name and your department. If it’s a mail to your client, you should write your name and your company.

※to your SV

マーケティング部Marketing Department

※to your client

サンプル株式会社Sample Inc.

※These are just examples, so if you have company rules, follow them. Thank you!